50 Ways to Save Money | Part 35-42

Motoring costs rocketing? Here are some quick tips to save money. Some will amount to a good few pounds, others to just a few pennies, but they all add up.

35. Cleaning your car

Not only will cleaning your car make it easier for the MOT, it can also lead to less damage and maintain is value. You may also spot smaller scratches and imperfections that you would have otherwise missed – and can deal with them before they become more of an issue. Dirt and debris can eat away at the paint finish – so wash your car when you can. Cleaning your car can also lead to improved fuel efficiency. A layer of dirt can lead to drag.

36. Simple maintenance throughout the year

Caring for your vehicle will lead to saving money as well as retaining its value. If you are looking at downsizing your vehicle, then simple maintenance checks and keeping your car clean are simple ways to maintain a decent resale value. By fixing small issues before they become bigger ones, you will get into a habit of checking your vehicle for problems. This doesn’t require a lot of effort and the reward can lead to massive savings over the life of your vehicle.

37. Fuel loyalty schemes

Currently, fuel prices are rising, and the cost-of-living crisis is impacting millions of people across the UK. With not much hope of a brighter future for the industry, there are a few ways where you can make some savings – primarily, signing up to loyalty cards at your local forecourt. You can sign up for fuel cards and loyalty schemes at the majority of supermarket and petrol station chains and offer a variety of benefits. These can be money of fuel, points to spend in the supermarket, can be used to buy vouchers, and so much more. It is worth checking what you nearest petrol station and what they offer customers.

38. Use YouTube rather than rely on an expert

If you have a small maintenance or cleaning issue for your vehicle, don’t rely on a garage – sometime the answer is easily available online. The RAC has some helpful video guides on YouTube. There are many other channels that provide easy and simple fixes for any problem you may have. Some may require some expert understanding or tools, so don’t attempt something you are not comfortable doing – as it may make the issue worth.

39. Plan ahead

Preparing for a road trip can help save you time and money. Knowing the best place to get fuel, avoid traffic, where the fuel stations are on your journey, and where to find cheap or free parking spaces can help save cash. Check the weather, do your pre-journey car checks, and pack anything you might need.

40. Parking sensor

Do you or anyone who drives the same vehicle struggle with reverse or bay parking? For a relatively small initial payment, you could invest in a parking sensor .This technology will let you know that you are getting incrementally closer to another car or object. It provides a warning that you may not have noticed in your mirrors or blind spots. As a result, it could save you from causing serious damage to the vehicle.

41. Use modern city travel

In many towns and cities across the country, there are opportunities to get to your final destination without using a vehicle. Whether it be e-scooters, ride sharing apps or park and rides – there are many alternatives where you can leave your vehicle and use another option. Currently many cities in the UK use low emission zones, including London, Bristol, and Oxford. Using these modern travel methods could be a way for you to avoid large fines and fees if your vehicle doesn’t meet the necessary standards.

42. Do you have the right tyres for winter?

Throughout the year, your tyres have to contend with different road and weather conditions – all of which can lead to damage and detonation. Making your tyres last longer can help save costs. However, buying the right tyres for your vehicle is equally important for safety and saving money.

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