50 Ways to Save Money | Part 43-50

Motoring costs rocketing? Here are some quick tips to save money. Some will amount to a good few pounds, others to just a few pennies, but they all add up.

43. Change gears earlier

Also known as short shifting – if you change gears earlier than you normally would, you will end up being more fuel efficient when behind the wheel. In general, if you are driving in a higher gear with lower RPM (less than 3000), then you will have a more economic MPG. A key part of successful short shifting is being able to anticipate the road ahead – because if you let the revs drop too low, then you will stall the vehicle. Repeatedly doing this could damage the engine.

44. Don’t exceed the speed limit

Although you should not speed for any reason – police data shows that three in four motoring offences are due to drivers exceeding the speed limit. This can lead to speeding fines – and points on your licence. Gaining too many points will lead to you eventually losing that licence – causing further issues for yourself. Also, aggressive acceleration is far from fuel efficient.

45. Don’t warm your engine up before driving

During the colder months, many people turn on their engine and let their vehicle warm up before heading off. This wastes fuel and isn’t needed for the vehicle to be working at optimal condition. It is advisable in many vehicles to slowly accelerate when an engine is cold, rather than let it increase in temperature before heading off on your next road trip.

46. Do you need your air con on?

And during the warmer month, many people use their air conditioning to try and keep cool. Although it is an important feature to have in vehicles – especially on longer journeys – but when you are only quickly popping to the shops or dropping the kids at school, it is more economic to try and void turning it on.

47. MOT due? Set reminders on your smartphone

Throughout the year, there are several key dates for car owners – the annual MOT, insurance, car tax and maybe even the bi-annual service. Missing some of these can lead to serious fines and expensive premiums for the future. Using a calendar on your smartphone that gives you prompts is an easy way to stay on top of this and make your life easier.

48. Reward schemes

Many employers across the UK use employee benefit schemes to entice people to join and stay with the company. In some cases, businesses will offer free or discounted breakdown cover or vehicle insurance. Others may provide discounted services or car washing. Vouchers and discount codes can also be provided employees for different retail stores than can be used to make your life as a car owner easier.

49. Rent out your driveway

A growing phenomenon in recent years has been the ability to rent out your driveway for a fee or subscription service. In many towns and cities across the UK, the price for parking has risen exponentially. And with public transport, ride sharing apps and e-scooters growing in popularity, there are easier ways to get into major cities. If you live in one, then look into this to make some extra money – especially if you often have space out the front of your home.

50. Do you need to drive?

Finally, before you pick up your keys and head out the door, you should probably consider if you should be driving. If you are heading two minutes down the road or making an unnecessary journey – then think how much you could save over a year if you eliminated these road trips. Congratulations, by making it through our list, you’re already well on your way to saving yourself money behind the wheel. Do you know anymore great motoring money-saving tips? Share your wisdom in the comments below. 

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We acknowledge the RAC for providing most of this information.

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