A spare key is essential.

  • If you lose or mislay your key, you are essentially stranded.
  • You can’t use your car.
  • Worse still if it happens while you are away from home you are stranded and cannot use the car.


In our recent customer survey, we concluded there are many car owners who have.

  • Lost or mislaid their spare key.
  • Don’t know where it is.
  • Think they know?
  • Not bothered (until they begin to look)


Not only but also

  • If you try to sell your, car a private purchaser will ask for sight of the spare key. If you enter into part exchange deal with a dealer, he will ask for a minimum of £500.00 to replace the key.
  • Whatever the situation: call 0207 722 5228 and discuss the issue. There are several options. You won’t know until you ask – you’ll be glad you did.

Believe us.


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