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Reduce the risk of car theft

One in seven crimes in the UK is vehicle-related theft. That’s a whopping 100,000 vehicles stolen in the last 12 months! With the shortage of parts and semiconductors (not to mention catalytic converters) set to last for at least another year, car thefts will likely continue to be a source of stress for many drivers in the UK. While, in some cases, being a victim of car theft is just pure bad luck, there are several things you can do to reduce the risk of getting your car stolen:

Be attentive. It’s not uncommon for motorists to leave their key in the ignition (especially at a petrol station) or not close all windows when popping out to pay for fuel or a ‘quick’ trip to the supermarket. Ensure the vehicle is secure before leaving it unattended – even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

Don’t leave anything (coats, bags, shopping etc on the back seat in view of potential thieves. Such items are a magnet – like flies to the jam pot – A quick smash; and your stuff is gone. It’s not the value of the items you may lose, but it’s the cost of getting the damage fixed and the time wasted. A little thought can save much heartache after.

Location of parked vehicle A car parked in a private garage, or a gated car park is relatively safe from theft. If this is not possible, try to park the car in a well-lit area or consider installing a motion-detecting camera. It’s also recommended to park the vehicle as close to the kerb as possible, which can make it difficult for thieves to steal catalytic converters (mind your alloy wheels of course!).

The car keys with most new cars having a keyless start, thieves have had to develop new ways of stealing your vehicle. Unfortunately, some models are very easy to steal by capturing signals from your keyless fob. For example, from around the periphery of your residence (if close enough to the key fob). You can do a couple of things to try preventing this: keep the key fob away from the corners of your house or store the key fob in a ‘Faraday’ pouch which is essentially a signal-blocking material.

No valuables It’s best not to keep valuable items within sight. If you must, ensure they are left in the boot. Even things such as shopping bags, loose cash, or earphones can be a source of temptation for thieves.

Tracker or car alarm If your car doesn’t have a tracking system or car alarm, then it may be a good idea to invest in an alarm system to have more peace of mind. To deter thieves, you can add a vinyl decal on the back of the vehicle stating it is ed with an alarm.

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