9 Tips to keep your car safe

[1] LOCK IT. You’d be surprised how many people omit or forget to lock their cars

after use. Thieves patrol the streets testing car doors. Finding an open car is no

surprise to them. They are used to it. Your lapse gives them an opportunity to

ransack your car and riffle through your possessions, and steal any valuables left

in the car like small change and Sat Nav’s etc. Another statistic is the number of

people who leave their ignition keys in their cars whilst refuelling and paying for

fuel. Remember that old advertising tag line “Watch out. There’s a thief about

This slogan is as good today as it always was.

[2] KEYLESS ENTRY MODELS. Won’t go into the details on this blog but if your car is one which has keyless entry (and starting) store your keys well away from the car. Common error is to leave them near the front door. That’s a ‘no no’ because the device that thieves use can detect your keys even in your property. Store them in a tin box away from the front door or better still a Faraday Pouch.

[3] PARK SMART. Choose a well-lit area or car park where there are plenty of people. Thieves don’t like to be seen what they are up to.

[4] TIDY CAR. Keep your car tidy and clutter free. Your belonging in plain view is a magnet to opportunists. Put jackets and coats in the boot. If you are visiting family don’t leave presents where they can be seen. They don’t know what you have but it will look tempting. Quick smash of a window and despite the alarm they’d be in and out before you can say Jack Robinson.

[5] VALUABLES. Store them, out of sight, in the boot. Can’t say much more than that. Don’t leave clues like sports equipment or a USB cable in plain sight.

[6] BE YOUR OWN NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH. Keep an eye out. If you see anything suspicious call the police, after all, it may be your car that’s next. The more eyes in the street the safer things will become. Don’t think “nothing to do with me” It does have something to do with you. You’ll be next???

[7] STEERING LOCK. Won’t go into the pros and cons of steering locks but they are very visible, and thieves would rather go for a car that does not have one.

[8] ENGINE IMOBILISER. Install and engine immobiliser or better still, a tracker which may reduce your insurance premium. Speak to your insurance company.

[9] LOSS OF TIME. (When you could be doing something else). Even if the thief doesn’t get anything. It’s the time and energy of having to make a damage claim, reporting the matter to the insurance company, and getting your car repaired. Is it worth it? No. Best to take precautions first and put some of your own thoughts into discouraging car theft. Even if you are a victim – at the very least you are not offering “easy pickings” to the thieves. If everyone made it un-worthwhile for thieves. Car Crime will reduce.

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