| 3 Random Facts about Hampstead

# 1 Hampstead Heath | one of the largest uncultivated city heaths in the world (other than Singapore) spreading over 800 acres. The heath boarders such well known areas as Hampstead Gardens Suburb and Golders Green. The Heath dates to Anglo Saxon times and was listed in the Doomsday Book when it was then owned by the monastery of St Peter’s (now better known as Westminster Abbey). Some of the heath was sold off for development and the remainder remains common land manged by the City of London Corporation. Hampstead Heaths rise in popularity started with its natural ponds which, it was said, has water infused with iron having, reportedly, medicinal properties.

# 2 Developments | Hampstead comprises of a built-up area taking in smaller quaint localities such as (to name just a few) West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage (where Regency Car Park is located) Hampstead Village, its environs, and Belsize Park. Located next to the Heath is Whitestone Pond. Its claim to fame is that it’s the highest point in London commanding breathtaking views over the City. Hampstead is criss-crossed with famous thoroughfares like Finchley Road, Hampstead High Street and Fitzjohn’s Avenue. The village like developments dating back centuries have a character and atmosphere of their own, not found anywhere else in London. Park in Regency Car Park and explore the delights of Hampstead.

# 3 The Pergola | The Pergola is one of the hidden delights of Hampstead Heath. It overlooks West Heath and was the culmination of a life’s work of William H Lever, later Lord Leverhulme, a patron of the arts, architecture and landscape gardening, and his colleague Thomas Mawson, the notable landscape architect. The Hill Garden is a beautiful, landscaped garden which was the private garden of a now demolished manor house. The Pergola has the feel of discovering some stunning lost civilisation. You will see a raised stone walkway with pillars on either side. Around them climb ivy and plants with copious flowers. Below the walkway, are lovely, landscaped gardens and beyond that, the heath and Golder’s Hill Park. Go to for more information

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