| 5 London Travel tips​

Travel Tip # 1 – Heathrow Airport

  • Consider parking at Regency Car Park in Swiss Cottage.
  • Situated next to Swiss Cottage tube station (Jubilee Line)
  • 3 stops to Bond Stret
  • Change to Elizabeth Line takes you straight to all the four Heathrow Terminals.
  • Advantages (i) Probably quicker (ii) Probably cheaper (iii) Easier and less hassle than using short- or long-term parking (iv) No waiting for a transit bus (v) Whether you are using Heathrow for business or pleasure your journey should start and end at Regency Car Park (open 24/7

Travel Tip # 2 – City of London

  • Consider parking at Regency Car Park at Swiss Cottage
  • Take the tube to anywhere in the City.
  •  No parking worries
  • Cheaper than City parking
  • The tube will take you to anywhere you want to go – but leave your car at Swiss Cottage.
  • Bonus. Regency Car Park has a flat rate of £19:00 which takes you to midnight.
  • No fighting traffic and Regency car Park is open 24/7 so even if your meeting overruns your car is waiting safe and secure.
  • Faster, cheaper and considering the busy tube, better than fighting the traffic.

Travel Tip # 3 – London West End

  • Whether it be a sparkling variety show or a “Who Dunnit” don’t fall into the Mouse Trap. Park at Swiss Cottage, jump on the tube and arrive refreshed ready fir curtains up.
  • Alternatively, you can grab an Uber from outside the Swiss Cottage Odeon. You won’t have to wait long, and you’ll be taken right to the door of your chosen venue.

Tip # “Four!” – Lords

  • Don’t be bowled out LBW. Park at Regency Car Park from there take a leisurely walk to Lords or take the bus right to the door or the tube: one stop to St. Johns Wood and Walk from there.
  • BE WARNED though. There is no online booking on big match days so arrive early to avoid disappointment.
  • Some ardent fans like to stay in one of the local hotels for 2 plus day matches, but there is limited parking. Park at Regency Car Park – it’s only £19.00 per date. Good value for this part of town.

Tip # 5 –  Shopping !!!!

  • Can anyone resist the Sales or the selection to be found in Kensington, Knightsbridge, Oxford Street or Regent Street?
  • Park at Regency Car Park and relax. The tube will take you to the door of your favourite shops and bag a bargain.
  • Don’t forget there three big savings and we don’t mean yellow label offers (i) No Congestion Charge – Regency Car Park is out of the zone (ii) cheaper parking at Swiss Cottage than anywhere in the West End and (iii) No matter how careful you are, when parking the West End there is always the chance of a hefty fine which will ruin your day.

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