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Check out our top 5 driving experiences in the UK | Ever imagined what it must be like to get behind the controls of an armoured tank? Or wouldn’t it be nice to be Lewis Hamilton for a day racing around Silverstone? Driving experience days are the perfect opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush of being behind the wheel and driving everything from a supercar to an American monster truck. And they’re not as expensive as one might think. Many companies in the UK offer driving experience in various price ranges.

1. Supercar – Track Day Experience Virgin offers supercar driving experiences ranging from Aston Martins to Ferraris in various locations across the UK. Prices vary depending on the location, time, type of car and even the distance you’d like to drive. You can, for example, drive six different supercars for 36 miles for the price of £349.

2. Land Rover Off-Road and 4×4 Driving Experience | To experience any Land Rover to its full potential, it must be driving off-road. Land Rover UK offers just that – a range of off-road driving experiences with prices starting from £99. These driving experiences are designed to develop driving skills and gain an understanding of vehicle control and navigating different terrains

3. USA Monster Truck |The Big Grizzly Monster Truck Drive in West Sussex is probably one of the more extreme driving experiences in the UK. For £159, you get 1 hour in an American monster truck that’s 12ft tall with 6ft high tyres! If you want to take it a step further and experience more than just one monster truck, there are other options for that too.

4. Tank Driving Thrill Yes, you read that right! You can actually drive around an armoured tank. This experience by Virgin, gives you control of a 17-tonne tank of hardened steel. For £160 you can drive the tank over 3 laps with different challenges along the way and also get free entry into the on-site military museum and collection.

5. Silverstone Driving Experience Days | Silverstone has hosted the British Grand Prix for many decades, with driving superstars from Lewis Hamilton to James Hunt taking the victory. Silverstone offers an exciting opportunity to get behind the wheel of a 170-mph race car, not quite an F1 car but probably fast enough. Starting at £189, you get two sessions around the Stowe Circuit with a full safety briefing and professional instruction. The best part about this – is that there are no speed limits, making it a perfect treat (or gift) for the ultimate petrolhead.

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